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On-page SEO techniques to position your website

by Benjamin Austin

For most companies, everything that refers to SEO techniques and web positioning begins to take on particular importance in these times. SEO Sydney company has ceased to be a dispensable term and has become an ideal tool to spread your services and add value to a brand. In short, it is the essential tool to attract the maximum number of visitors to your website.

The following compilation of SEO On-page drive techniques to improve the web positioning of your page, and can help you reach the first rankings in the search engines:


When it comes to labeling content, it is essential to think about unique titles for each page and publication. Use statements identifying which keywords are most relevant to specific searches and limit the length of the labels to 60 characters, adding the name of your brand to the end of the text.

Meta descriptions

By using the chosen keywords, we have the option of entering a brief description of the page or publication. As long as it is attractive to read and described with fewer than 155 characters, there is a higher chance that you will receive clicks through the search engine results page. A short call to action, such as “click here” or “read more” is a great help.


It is best to include a keyword or a variation of it in the URL of the page whenever possible. This helps the bots find your pages and also allows the algorithms to classify them appropriately.


The proper use of the tags located in the header texts allows search engines to know what your website is about. Be sure to include at least one H1 tag related to a theme and use other header levels such as H2 or H3 if it makes sense to do so.…

OFF-Page SEO Techniques

by Benjamin Austin

The basis of the  SEO melbourne off Page strategies are the links, one of the leading providers of direct traffic to our website.

Thanks to these incoming links we get:

  • Visibility of our website, notoriety, and Branding.
  • Indexing by search robots
  • Traffic to our site

SEO Off-page works mainly the creation of links that point to your Web page, and this technique is called Link building.

There are numerous link building strategies that you can follow to get links naturally and improve the positioning of your website. On the internet, we can find many tips on how to generate links, but we must avoid spamming. It is essential that the links are created spontaneously and naturally.

Therefore, in Marketing, we tell you the five most essential SEO strategies off Page Pay attention!:

Internal link building

Before starting with the external link strategy, it is convenient to pay attention to the internal link building or internal link of our website. An internal link is a link created between two pages within the same domain.

The internal links help us to create the structure of the page and distribute the link juice (authority of page that you transmit in your links) Thanks to them we can navigate from the main page to the sections, subsections and other contents; thus affecting web browsing and usability.

Optimize internal linking is as important as external, so pay attention to these links, take care of the anchor text you use and try to find a balance between keywords to position and other more generic.…